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Mental health support, done differently


Who are we

Eggtooth is, in 3 words; unconventional, robust, and kind

As a not-for-profit enterprise we offer mental health support.

Our services include 1-1 sessions, groups and creative projects.

“With all the mental health struggles children are facing nowadays, Eggtooth is just what they need. What Eggtooth do for children is exceptional.”

Emma Wickham

Your wellbeing is important.

We believe that by offering one-to-one or group creative activities and therapies, we can foster opportunities and tackle health inequalities and wellbeing.


Hatch your full potential

The services we offer at Eggtooth are open to everyone – all you need to do is get in touch.

We have over 50 specialist practitioners & therapists available.

That means the power to choose is in your hands!

Let’s find your match.

Supporting our local community

Based in Hastings, East Sussex, we work with schools, organisations, and individuals across Hastings and Rother.

Eggtooth and The Nest

The Nest is one of our therapeutic hubs in Hastings. The Nest is based in the heart of Hastings Old Town.

Our services

“I was amazed at how good the service was – to make the referral process easy, not daunting, and go to that effort to find a relevant therapist so quickly. No difficulty, no judgement, no snotty tick box receptionist. Thank you so much.”
Service user

Eggtooth is open to everyone, including schools and organisations. All you need to do is get in touch. For individuals, fill out our online self-referral form or contact us. For schools and organisations, email us at

Why "Eggtooth"?


An egg tooth is a temporary tooth on the bill, beak or nose of a hatching animal.

It’s used by an animal when it’s hatching to enable it to get enough air to survive while they break through the egg into the world.

Eggtooth is designed to act in a similar way.

We want to be here for you when you need us and to equip you with the right tools to flourish on your own. All of our work is based around therapeutic systemic resilience, meaning we equip you with healthy strategies to promote your own wellbeing.


What our community says

“I was amazed at how good the service was – they make the referral process easy, not daunting.” Parent, Hastings